Primary Colour Palette

The Primary Palette consists of four main colours and should be used in all occasions for Outsource marketing communications. The palette has been designed to give a bold and exciting direction to the brand, offering flexibility in the design of an literature off and online. Percentage tints can be used of any of these colours.

Primary brand colours are used for elements that must reflect Outsource’s brand. Each colour has a darker and a lighter shade.

Managed IT Services

RGB 91, 191, 33
CMYK 59, 0, 100, 0
SCSS $colour-green
PMS 368 C


HEX #003f60
RGB 0, 63, 96
CMYK 100, 75, 39, 27
SCSS $colour-telecoms
PMS 302 C

Professional Services

HEX #026294
RGB 2, 98, 148
CMYK 94, 61, 20, 3
SCSS $colour-professional-services
PMS 647 C

Dark Grey

HEX #1d252c
RGB 29, 37, 44
CMYK 80, 69, 58, 67
SCSS $colour-dark-grey
PMS 433 C

Secondary Colour Palette

The Secondary Palette should be used as a guide for the tone of a colour. We intend for the secondary palette to be ever evolving, offering an endless palette to choose from. The main use of the secondary palette is in the creation of icons and illustrations that will be used across the board to help demonstrate the core benefits of Outsource products. We will also be using the secondary palette to create unique secondary brands for each one of  Outsources’ products. Percentage tints can be used of any of these colours.

RedHEX#fc4c7dRGB252, 76, 125SCSS$color-red
YellowHEX #fed061RGB254, 208, 97SCSS$color-yellow
BlueHEX#026294RGB2, 98, 148SCSS$color-blue
SkyHEX#2dbef0RGB45, 190, 240SCSS$color-sky
BrownHEX #8d8e90RGB141, 142, 144SCSS$color-brown
OrangeHEX#fc9f4eRGB252, 159, 78SCSS$color-orange
PurpleHEX #c87cd6RGB200, 124, 214SCSS$color-purple

Shades of Grey

A selection of greyscale colors for background or text color use.

Dark Grey

68, 68, 68


137, 137, 137


204, 204, 204

Light Grey

248, 248, 248

Colour Usage

Outsource General

Outsource has 2 main colours and 2 supporting colours, try to balance the usage evenly and consider the product usage:
  • Outsource Green – is mainly used in Outsource Style Guide related communication
  • Outsource Dark Grey – is the colour used for Outsource Workspace related images
  • Outsource Turquoise – is the neutral colour
  • Outsource Dark Navy – is mostly used for Enterprise related topics

Outsource Style Guide

We’ve chosen the Outsource Green to be our main product colour for the Outsource Style guide. Use the Outsource Dark Grey as a neutral colour for contrasting reasons.

Outsource Workspace

The main product colour for Outsource Workspace is Outsource Dark Grey. You can Use Outsource Green or Outsource Turquoise for setting accents.

Outsource Enterprise Suite

The Outsource Enterprise Suite is a product for larger agencies and companies. Use Outsource Dark Navy and Outsource Turquoise as main colours for all communication related to enterprise topics.