Contribution Guidelines

Outsource’s Blog is always looking for practical and actionable original articles on topics that matter to design and branding professionals. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Outsource, please read the qualification criteria below to see if you qualify for this coveted guest contributor spot.

Writing for Outsource

As a contributor you are expected to follow this guide through the writing process. Aim to write to educate, entertain, and provide high quality original content.

Who reads the Outsource blog

Brand managers, designers of all stripes and content creators in both large and small companies who understand their brand’s strategic value. They want to read content beyond what they see in their current news feeds. They want to read cool interviews and shareable nuggets of wisdom.

What Outsource look for in a guest post

The most important thing is that guest contributors teach our readers something new. Content that is rehashed, recycled, or otherwise basic without any comprehensive, data-driven information will not be accepted. This really is a place for you to shine, so show us what you got.

Every piece should have a few of the following criteria

  • Is original without any spelling or grammatical errors (we don’t provide editing services so your submitted piece must be complete.)
  • Has a logical flow and great structure (no run on sentences or ‘filler’ paragraphs. Paragraphs should be 2-3 sentences long )
  • Uses subheads and bullet points appropriately.
  • Has a strong, compelling and anecdotal introduction.
  • Uses attributed images, videos, audio, graphs and infographics where possible
  • Post length between 900-1250 words.
  • Avoid promotional content. You can use your company as an example, but it must be the basis for sharing the information and not a sales page (You can link to your company at most once (1) per post. A link will be included in your bio as well

We do not publish:

  • Defamatory or derogatory things. If you must discuss a negative event, be sure to explain the facts but maintain a neutral standpoint.
  • Swearing or personal attacks.
  • Anything that has been published before on yours or another blog / news outlets site (no re-posting or updated content)
  • Any articles that are a part of a lead generation or link building campaign. Please do not link to yours or any affiliates forms or contact pages.

Post structure

  • You must insert at least one relevant image per post. (Try
  • Images are best used if they are high res screen shots with a width of 1600px (ideally compressed with 90%).
  • Photos/screenshots should be in JPG format.
  • For the naming of images, they should be lowercase and contain only a-z OR 0-9 and dashes. Eg. water-for-people.jpg
  • Do not use logos where possible
  • Do not use a subheading or heading within the first two paragraphs.

How to submit your guest post

  • Email your completed Google Document article to
  • If your article meets our quality standards and follows our guidelines, we will notify you within two weeks to follow up or to confirm an estimated publication date.
  • Outsource reserves the right to include calls-to-action to other Outsource content, including but not limited to landing pages, email newsletters, ebooks/guides, blog posts and other downloadable content.
  • Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working together!