The Outsource master logo should be used at all times. Where not possible, one of the logo variations should be used (see below). This is to make sure the logo and brand are used in a consistent manner across all communications.

Outsource Master Logo

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Additional Versions

When the primary Outsource logo is not appropriate, you can use a different version of the logo.

Use this only when you are working with restricted sizes that may compromise the logo legibility e.g., narrow horizontal formats in signage and digital applications. A white version is also available for dark backgrounds.

This version has been designed to show the Outsource brand with URL. Should you require further options please contact info@osgroup.co.uk. Examples of requirements for this version could be for Sponsorship.

The horizontal logo is the preferred choice for digital uses to ensure maximum standout in small areas.
Our preferred position of the logo is in the top right-hand side, but when content, context, and usability of your digital touchpoint restricts this (e.g., mobile), use your best judgment to achieve logo standout.

Use in the browser tab only. Available for Web, Android, Microsoft, and iOS (iPhone and iPad) Apps

16px Minimum Size

Mono Versions

Use when a color production isn’t an option.

8.6 MB – eps / png / InDesign formats

The Hand

The Outsource hand is available in different colour versions.

You can also use the hand on a background colour from the Outsource colour palette.

Hand Green.png

Hand Black.png

8.9 MB – eps / svg / png formats

Logo Variations

The Outsource logo has been designed so it can be used with any of our Primary and Secondary Colour Palette. This allows the logo and brand to be flexible in it’s usage. With strong use of colour being used throughout all of our marketing communications it is essential that our logo has the flexibility to work with all of our brand assets.

Reversed Mono Logo
Reversed Mono Logo

7 MB – eps / svg / png formats

It can also be used as a mono logo and appear in any of the Primary Brand Colours. The Primary Colour Palette has been developed so the colour can clearly be seen when used on a white or light background.


Outsource has three core services to its business. Managed IT Services, Telecoms and Professional Services. Each has been allocated an Icon from the Brand Icon Set and colours have been assigned from the master colour pallet. No other variation is acceptable.

Services Box Icons

Managed IT Services


Professional Services

Services Text Graphic
Services Logos
1.8 MB – eps / png / InDesign formats – zip – 1 file